Why is it so important? 

Skin is one of the most important parts of the body. It is vital for the skin cells to be sufficiently moisturized in order to function properly. It is important that adequate water level is maintained both inside the cells of the epidermis and in the space between them (intercellular matrix). When the epidermis is properly moisturized, the skin is elastic and soft, the complexion is radiant, glowing, full of health and energy. When the epidermis is dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and scaly, the complexion dull, stressed and tired.

How is the skin moisturized? 

The epidermis is constantly moisturized through its own mechanisms. A continuous flow of water from the inside of the body is secured. Water is then retained in the space between the epidermal cells by binding to macromolecules and NMFs (Natural Moisturizing Factors). Finally, osmotic equilibriums facilitate the passage of water through the recently discovered Aquaporines channels into the cell.

What is the skin hydrolipid barrier? 

The water constantly moves to the upper layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum)
and then it evaporates. The skin minimizes water loss through evaporation, by forming 

a hydrolipid barrier on the surface. When the integrity of the hydrolipid barrier is disrupted, the evaporation rate increases resulting in
skin dehydration

What are the causes for skin dehydration? 

Skin dehydration is caused due to both external and internal factors. External factors, like cold, wind, sun, air conditioning, air pollution, peeling, poor quality skin cleansers, disrupt the integrity of the hydrolipid barrier resulting in increase of the evaporation rate of the water of the epidermis. Internal factors, like age and hormonal changes, result in decrease of the number of macromolecules and NMFs in the epidermis and, consequently, in decrease of the quantity of water they bind.

Acquamax: Novel 3-dimensional hydration system 

Thanks to their ultra modern formulas, based on the Nobel-winning Aquaporines discovery, Acquamax products mimic skin’s own mechanism of hydration. Their 3-dimensional functionality ensures optimum hydrating action: 

1) on the skin surface, the hydrolipid barrier is reinforced and reconstituted, limiting TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) to normal rate 2) throughout all layers of the epidermis, water retention is maximized in the spaces between the cells
3) on cellular level, water movement through the cell membrane is enhanced, restoring water contents inside the cell



A smart combination of natural ingredients based on Aquaporines discovery (Peter Agree, 2003 Nobel Prize) to improve water circulation through cell membranes.
Maximum hydration is obtained by:
– Betaine on the cell membrane
– Phospholipids which restore skin barrier and reduce water loss
– Citrus Honey keeps water molecules by hydroscopicity

CM-Glucan which provides a protective film, improves skin elasticity, stimulates self-protective capacity of the skin

Lamellar Lipids (Specific fatty acids and phytosterols) to boost the moisture barrier of the epidermis

Humectants (Glycerin, Sodium Lactate) which provide an instant burst of hydration, due to their high binding water capacity


Natural oligosaccharides with novel hydrocolloidal three dimensional structure, offer: – Immediate and long lasting improvement of the moisturization level of the stratum corneum
– Regulation of desquamation that leads to a better appearance of the skin

Fucogel (Biosaccharide Gum-1)

Natural polysaccharides that form a protective highly moisturizing film on the surface of the skin and leaves an exceptional silky after-feel.

Hyaluronic Acid

Boosts water binding in the space between the cells of the epidermis


Natural ceramides with strong anti-irritant action


Restores the quantity of the NMFs resulting in increase of water in the space between the cells of the epidermis.

Acquamax Yeux

An ultra soft, light textured cream-gel, specifically formulated for the fragile around the eye area. Moisture levels are boosted, skin becomes soft and radiant. Appearance of fine lines is improved. Hypoallergenic.
Ophthalmologically tested. 

A lightweight, easily absorbed cream, that instantly increases moisture levels throughout the epidermis. Renders skin with an unsurpassed feeling of freshness, relaxation, vitality and health. Hyaluronic Acid 

Apply Acquamax Yeux every morning and night, with light massaging motions on the area around the eyes.

Acquamax Visage

A lightweight, easily absorbed cream, that instantly increases moisture levels throughout the epidermis.

Renders skin with an unsurpassed feeling of freshness, relaxation, vitality and health. Hypoallergenic.

3 different formulas to suit specifically each skin type: 

– Normal skin 

– Dry and sensitive skin: with additional anti-irritant action

– Oily skin: oil-free formula with sebum regulating action.

Apply Acquamax Visage every morning and night all over face and neck and experience amazing, long lasting results.

Acquamax Serum

A concentrated, extra-strong formula for the most powerful boost of skin hydration! Hypoallergenic.
Ophthalmologically tested. 

Apply Acquamax Serum every morning and night all over face, neck and the area around the eyes before the application of Acquamax Visage and Acquamax Yeux and enjoy maximum results.

Proof of effectiveness

*Clinical studies prove maximum, immediate AND long-lasting effectiveness. 

The use of Covermark Acquamax results in amazing increase of the hydration levels, both instantly and after continuing use of the product. 

Increase of hydration,
5 minutes after application! 

+ 65% 

Increase of hydration, after 60 days of treatment! 

+ 89% 

Improvement of skin elasticity after 60 days of treatment! 

+ 65% 

*Clinical studies conducted by the Department of Medicine of the University of Pavia in Italy. Mean values after use of Covermark Acquamax Visage twice daily for 60 days.

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